Conference Schedule

DATE: 22nd–24th February 2023
LOCATION: Lecture Hall A at the Vetmeduni Vienna Campus (Veterinary Place 1, 1210 Vienna, Austria)
MODE: This Conference will be held In-Person

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22 February: Animal Morality, the Theoretical Issues

10.30–11.00Welcome Address
11.00–12.30Mark Rowlands (University of Miami, USA)Simon Fitzpatrick (John Carroll University, USA): Can animals be moral? 10 years on
12.30–14.00Lunch Break
14.00–15.00Dorna Behdadi (University of Gothenburg, Sweden): Animals as Moral Claimants
15.00–16.00Kristin Andrews (York University, Canada): Examining Social Norms in Animal Cultures
16.00–16.30Coffee Break
16.30–17.30Lori Gruen (Wesleyan University, USA): Empathy and Animals
19.00Conference Dinner for Speakers

23 February: Animal Morality, Scope of the Challenges

10.00–11.00Pieter Adriaens (KU Leuven, Belgium)Moralizing animals
11.00–12.00Dennis Papadopoulos (Messerli Research Institute, Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria): Nonhuman animals & Indigenous conceptions of respect
12.00–13.00Susana Monsó (UNED Madrid, Spain) & Birte Wrgae (Messerli Research Institute, Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria): Tactful animals: How the study of touch can inform the animal morality debate
13.00–14.30Lunch Break
14.30–15.30Rebekah Humphreys (University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK): Shared Language, Meaningful Communication and Inter-species Trust: 
A Discussion of Key Themes Related to Anthropomorphism as Philosophical Sin
15.30–16.30Mara-Daria Cojocaru (Munich School of Philosophy, Germany; PAN Works, USA) & Florian Steinberger (Birkbeck, University of London, UK)
In what sense, if any, can dog training ever be truly moral?
16.30–17.00Coffee Break
17.00–18.00Gary Comstock (North Carolina State University, USA)Animal culture and morality: A new approach to industrial farm animal reform

24 February: Animal Morality, the Practical Implications

9.00–10.00Judith Benz-Schwarzburg & Johanna Karg (Messerli Research Institute, Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria): Human interference in animal caregiving
10.00–11.00Steve Cooke (University of Leicester, UK)The ethics of touch & the importance of nonhuman relationships in agriculture
11.00–12.00Don Ross (University College Cork, Ireland; University of Cape Town, South Africa; Georgia State University, USA): Economic Agency for Elephants
12.00–13.00Lunch Break

The Animal Morality Conference is funded by the FWF Austrian National Science Funding Agency, Project P31466-G32.